Lipstick Round Up: Fall/Winter

I don’t know about you guys, but I love the Fall & Winter seasons because they allow you to get creative and play around with all the best lipstick colours that the brands have to offer!

I think it was in the Fall/Winter time just a few years ago that I truly began experimenting with lip colours.  There is something just so fun about being able to step out of your comfort zone and try something new, bold and on trend.  I’m not going to lie, there is also something about throwing on some great lipstick that makes me feel like I’m a real adult and not just an overgrown teenager who still likes to watch the family channel from time to time (guilty)…

MAC was my first (and current) high end brand of lipsticks that I have experimented with, and I haven’t even begun to dig into the vast collections that they have to offer. From what I have tried, here are my top go-to MAC lipstick shades for the Fall & Winter:


Described as a “Midtonal Cream Plum” shade with a Satin finish. This is one of MAC’s best sellers during these seasons, and for good reason! This shade looks good on almost anyone and any skin tone.
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Described as an “Intense Reddish-Burgundy” shade with a Matte finish. This is another one of MAC’s best sellers for the cooler months. This is an awesome colour for those days that you feel like expressing your inner Beyoncé Bo$$-Lady…or if you are a red wine fanatic like I am and feel like being festive 😉
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Described as a “Very Matte, Vivid Blue-Red” shade with an intense Matte finish. This is my favourite “Christmas” lip colour that you will most definitely find me rocking around the Holiday season. It looks great with blondes and both fair-medium skin gyals. This colour is especially amazing for all you blue-eyed beauties out there who really want your features to pop. Reference: My soul sista Christina Aguilera.
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Described as a “Muted Neutral Pink” shade with a Cremesheen finish. If you are one of those girls who hate lipsticks because they make your lips dry, this is seriously the lipstick for you. In fact, any Cremesheen finish from Mac would be awesome for you to try. This shade is perfect year round, but is my go-to colour right now for both the day time or if I’m looking for a lip shade to finish off my night on the town makeup look. It is also a good colour for those who are looking for a nude lip but you can’t usually rock the classic nude colours.
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Described as a “Pink-Beige With White Pearl” shade with a Satin finish. This shade got huuuuge this summer with the whole Kylie Jenner lip craze. Despite the photo & description, I like to describe this as a Mauve colour that is perfect for a more relaxed look for both the day and night. I have recommended it to a lot of friends and in my opinion, it looks great on everyone.
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Please Me:
Described as a “Muted-Rosy-Tinted Pink” with a Matte finish. This is one my favourite all year round lip shades that I usually tend to wear more in the Summer months but have been using it quite frequently this Fall. It is perfect for those of you who want to keep things warm, and also for those of you who aren’t comfortable going for some of the more bold shades listed above.
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Let me know if you decide to give any of these colours a go! What are your favourite lip shades for the Fall/Winter?